-Played with Beck on Saturday Night Live a couple weeks ago. Video below.


-I entered this competition that the film composer Hans Zimmer (Batman, Man of Steel) is holding. He wrote a 120 second piece and put the individual tracks online for download. The idea is to transform it into something unique. Fascinating to hear what people came up with. Used the trumpet and female vocal parts form the original. Played and sang almost everything else.  Here it is:


-Proud to play on Marco Machera's new album "Dime Novels."

The song I played on is called "The Sky" I did several acoustic bass tracks that included some orchestral playing , some rhythm playing and he was kind to feature a short arco solo I threw in the mix. The track traveled over the internet from Italy (Marco lives in Rome) to my studio in NY and several other places in the States and Europe. Marco did an incredible job putting it all together.

The album also features Tony Levin Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter, Francesco Zampi, Jennifer Maidman, Andrea Faccioli and Kevin Andrews. Definitely check it out. Marco is a force to be reckoned with. He's an incredible bassist, songwriter and singer.  Click on the album cover to go to his site.


Also played electric bass on a track for my good friend Mac Moran from Colombia.


-Two album releases: 

Lindsay Mendez and Marco Paguia "This Time"

Artfully arranged by Marco and beautifully sung by Lindsay.  Backed up by Tommy Crane on drums and myself.

Laura Osnes "If I Tell You"

Works by Maury Yeston including a unique song cycle based on Schubert's Winterreise.  




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